Mnemonic is a combat-style card game played with standard playing cards. The base rules--how turns are taken, the effect that attacks have, how the game is won, etc.--are the same as those of your favorite tabletop CCG. However:

Card values and abilities

2-6 are lands that can be tapped for 1 mana in their suit, or to complete a "mana hand" (see face card costs below). 7s are land creatures in their suit with 1/1 strength/toughness. 8-10 are creatures that cost 1 mana in their suit.

The face cards--Jack, Queen, King and Ace--cost ascending poker hands, starting from a pair and capped at 3 cards. (Thus, all cost a 3-card hand of some form, except the Jack, which costs a pair.) In all cases, these "mana hands" must have at least one card in the suit of the card being summoned.

All creatures (except 7s) have strength and toughness equal to their converted mana cost. (E.g., a 9 is a 1/1, a Jack is a 2/2, and King, Queen and Ace are all 3/3s.)

Each type of face card has an additional alternate ability that costs 1 mana in its suit. Ace alone has a second special ability, which costs a 3-card straight flush in the Ace's suit.

Suit abilities

Additionally, each suit has a special ability that applies to all cards in that suit.


A special drafting system is needed to create two decks with hidden information out of 52 known cards.

  1. Shuffle the deck.
  2. Discard 10 cards, leaving 42.
  3. Remove the largest possible power of 2 of cards from the remaining pile (32, at first).
  4. Split the removed cards, giving half to each player.
  5. From the cards that each player received, he or she chooses half of them to keep, then passes the remaining half to the other player.
  6. Repeat from step 5 until each player receives exactly one card.
  7. Each player keeps the received card.
  8. Repeat from step 3 until the pile of remaining cards is empty.
  9. Each player should now have a library of 21 cards, from which he or she may discard up to 5 cards. These become the player's sideboard.
  10. Each player's remaining cards become his or her library for the game.